Bose offers a myriad of Sounddock speakers to complete the home entertainment system easily including affordably. There is the popular Bose Sounddock portable speaker which is light at 5 lbs compared to the Bose Sounddock Series II options in silver or black casings.

The Portable

The Bose Sounddock portable speaker is sleek ampersand solid plus a gray mesh grille that gives it an exquisite look whereas the rest of the speaker is encased in an lapidary black glossy shell. Portability is the key focus of this model including a convenient carrying handle. It has a rotating docking station that is neatly hidden away easily with a touch.

This Bose Sounddock speaker has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that jug offer 3-8 hours on a full charge. There is a expedient remote control for the basic functions with auxiliary input used on other sound sources. There is a constituent grooved power brick for wrapping the power cord around to be neat and tidy.

Users would carpe diem the best of music along no dropping in sound quality even when operating on battery power. The Bose speaker uses the brand’s proprietary waveguide speaker technology to deliver a clear and sinewy achievement of balanced sound. A plethora of music genres can be enjoyed through this Bose sounddock speaker with alto notes since well as mid-range clear treble.

The Series II

The Series II speakers by Bose SoundDock are quite similar to the Bose pocket with a fixed docking location and volume controls found on one side. There is an 8-button remote control for handling power, play and volume with tracking, playlist and seeking features.

The Bose Sounddock Series II speakers can charge the docked device even when it is being run. It is easy to employ auxiliary input connections to common well-grounded sources like the TV, DVD, MP3/CD players or computer.

The impressive acoustics from this Bose Sounddock Series II speakers offer a full balanced sound without distortion at any volume. A rich sound is generated extraneous being too loud or overpowering to enjoy the subtleties plus softness from its clockwork inherent coordination.

BOSE® SoundDock® Series III

Bose also offers Series III speakers for the best about digital music that can opheffen enjoyed on the iPhone 5. This spellbinder series come with a lighting connector that protects the iPod or iPhone while enjoying the best from digital music played. This speaker enjoys proprietary acoustic design that is capable regarding delivering a full wealth sound that is truly music to the ears.