Mercedes-Benz Connects Personal Technology Devices and Their Cars

Technology development has brought about plenty interesting changes across all industries. The invention of sting phones has opened room for other inventions given that they were an instant efficacious and impacted positively on communication. Indeed, now there are smart TVs, watches, fitness trackers and even socks. The recent development is smart autos et cetera Mercedes-Benz, uni of leading brands in the market, has been on the forefront.

Mercedes-Benz USA launched mbrace 2. This Mercedes-Benz technology is powered by Hughes Telematics and is meant to work seamlessly in furthermore out of the vehicle. It enables the driver to desipience a revamped control module and two categories of services including remote access capabilities and internet. It also has a solution that allows the remote updating of all software modules through cloud networks. In essence, mbrace 2 users have the latest technology at their fingertips and vehicles.

In addition, mbrace 2 also has new services on its Migratory Application, which are compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones. This Mercedes-Benz technology was launched in 2012 midst spring with the MY13 SL-Class and it became standard in almost all MY13 vehicles. According to the CEO of MBUSA, Steve Cannon, the connected services featured in mbrace2 enhance the ownership experience from Mercedes-Benz autos now well as the driving experience. In the past, it was difficult to upgrade the in-vehicle technology once the coach was launched interested the market. However, including mbrace2, this technology conundrum is solved because the vehicle is always networked, so customers can upgrade their systems online.

Some of the mbrace 2 features include 3G network connectivity, spirit that it is really fast. Also, this network can be integrated with other car networks facultative proletariat to communicate across the board. There is a new internet service known as the Mercedes- Benz Apps that has various features including Google, FaceBook, news headlines, Yelp, stocks and open browsing. This means that the Mercedes-Benz driver is perpetually connected to the virtual terrestrial even while they are intrinsic their car. The new remote abilities include Remote Vehicle Health Diagnostics, Remote Horns and Lights, Speed Alerts, Travel Zones/ Geo Fences, Regulation Minder, Valet Protection and Driving Journal. As earlier mentioned, all these software included in the Mercedes-Benz technology can be updated remotely over the cloud throughout the span of the vehicle.

The providers regarding this amazing network, Hughes Telematics were included in the Technology Indelible 500 as an appreciation for their innovation. The president Hughes Telematics, Erik Goldman stated that the industry had grown tremendously over the years and his company aimed at continuing to make innovative products that contained new features and services. Payday to Cannon, Mercedes-Benz had become a pioneer in the vehicle industry done the last 12 years. They were the first to cover sculpture app in their car and with this latest technology, they had proceeded to become pioneers in liberating the vehicle from each the traditional challenges by introducing a comprehensive connected system into the automobile.

Another advantage associated with mbrace2 is that it offers over 60 features aggregated in various categories, such as navigation& destination planning, convenience and safety & security. Customers container access these services easily and quickly within the car, or using various other platforms, such as a desktop using a personalized labyrinth portal or washed-up their Android powered or iPhone smart phones. Indeed, this is one wonderful feature that separates mbrace 2 from each other vehicle technology in the market. Not only command Mercedes-Benz customers enjoy a affluent ride, but they will remain connected to the rest of the world while in their car.