Cloud technology promotes the mass storage

Objectively speaking , the current analog technology too occupy a large commensurable , but it is notably obvious limitations , digital and network security technology increasingly broad and deep is the certain trend about development. In the early analog and digital technology security peddle , more emphasis on the user ‘s hardware devices, such as cameras, etc. , indeed in the first generation and second time surveillance systems , argosy systems need to be resolved is how to monitor the data real and complete list for future queries efficiently , so the importance of play is very limited monitoring data , we can say the focus is on monitoring data collection and dispatch side . With the development of network monitoring and information acquisition applications which is increasingly common , increasingly wide range of conventional data storage methods can not meet the demand , that even the most basic data are difficult to meet afterwards for future reference . From the user’s perspective, the existing monitoring system is essentially independent of each , individual industries or sectors within different regions of a variety like useful information can indigen obtained through the surveillance camera, but it is difficult to achieve shared , not to mention security effective management information.
In fact , security monitoring systems for security monitoring technology itself not only put forward higher requirements, while storing monitoring data also put forward superior requirements. With the application of the requirements of scale et al enhance security monitoring systems, higher requirements for monitoring data can be reflected in several key areas: reliability and entireness monitoring of stored data ; monitoring data storage scalability , including: how to clinic the data acquisition requires higher resolution either more collection points , how to meet the needs longer data acquisition time ; how each part of the monitoring data sharing with each other. It is widely used in application solutions in storage technology ? ( Eg : das, nas, ipsan and fcsan , etc. ) , whether it be directly used in security monitoring system it art storage technology integration and monitoring system can take into account ? Features video surveillance data stream ( stream ) visit, suppositive done reasonably tailored to the characteristics of the rivulet access security monitoring , the cost would be added reasonable . Development of security video surveillance has bot a focus of the industry , but also the cay point of information storage issues restricting the development of security video surveillance , the current generation of storage technology can meet the security monitoring system for the posterity security of data needed for parade , monitoring can be solved data is reliable, complete , shared storage problems.
Security video surveillance through three stages , et alii the data storage problems also limitation the development of key security video surveillance . Of course, with today’s storage technology , the status quo or to meet security monitoring system . However, we still need better storage technology that allows input more complete and convenient for storage. Cloud storage technology in the field of security features , including : first , monitoring cloud storage will be more benefit of video surveillance hosting setting , providing customers amidst a private cloud service for small -scale deployments , such as family , shops ; second , mist security services will be provided by the independent protocol enterprise cloud service provider ‘s infrastructure needs , services, software and hardware assets ; third, the data center model will be introduced and gradually become the mainstream configure of assurance industry . Storage ordinance can be automated cloud storage and intelligent , all cache capital are integrated synchronously , customers see a single storehouse space ; improves storage productivity ended virtualization technology to solve the waste concerning storage space , you can automatically reallocate data , improve the utilization concerning storage margin , along with load balancing, fault tolerance capabilities ; cloud storage to achieve economies of scale and flexibility expand , debase operating costs and avoid wasting resources. Subject to the security video espial own business characteristics , monitoring cirrostratus storage and cloud computing models have an surviving Internet distinction, such as security users tend to store video information in the local government more sensitive video surveillance applications , video information privacy issues , video greater monitoring of the network bandwidth consumption and spare issues .

With the development of digital track technology and popularization of storage devices gradually toward the center from the marginalized position monitoring system , the proportion of the monitoring entity and also with the upgrading of the significant increase in centralization . However , the characteristics of non-standardized security market determines the diverse characteristics stored in the surveillance field , roughly speaking, the market is currently monitoring the presence of the following storage technologies : DVR entrepot , encoders direct-attached storage , centralized storage , NVR storage. This in several ways is currently monitoring applications more categories , and their applications have played an irreplaceable cameo . Store surveillance may develop towards dichotomize areas , unite for the node is hardly too small and moderate applications , NVR is the next major development control ; followed by large-scale surveillance systems, video management platform SAN storage ( with ISCSI storage -based ) is still a priority choice for booming surveillance systems.