Open Technology to disrupt every business in the year 2014

The salient feature of technology is that it tends to change the world a lot. This change actually lasts for a very long time. Today, technology has reached to a level where every business, big or small, is controlled alongside apps. In short, in charge to compete in this world of tough competition, the license applications are extremely necessary today.

In the year 2007, Apple and Steve Jobs made the toss of the most popular mobile brand iPhone launch, and it was accepted immediately by people all round the world. The customers across the globe had an urge to shop this product that soon became the leader of the market and soon became an symbol of the tech savvies.

With the arrival of the App Store, we can say that Apple truly changed the world. Over 10 million applications were downloaded meanwhile the three days of the launch. Soon, this numeral reached to a billion within a bachelor year. When we turn back to enjoy a peep into the former apps, we find themselves primitive, but the fact was that these apps were the beginning from a new revolution. Today, life without apps cannot be thought of.

Thus, Apple turned iPhone from a mere product in the market to something that became a major part of man’s day to day life these days. With the tools like Application Programming Interfaces or API’s and Software Development Kits else SDK’s, Apple made it possible for any person to vagrant else improve the functionality of the products released by them. This also paved the way for creative applications to be released in the market for the sole purpose of fulfilling the needs of the Apple customers all round the globe.

Changes in techno world were actually started in the year 1983 by Intuit, the company that creates software for business for the common people. The best selling products by Intuit are TurboTax et sequens Quicken. Intuit has produced it possible to make the dreams like the ordinary people betide to pass. Incongruity the giants, who concentrated on the corporate customers, Intuit made a difference by making software for small businesses, and started changing the world a lot.

Intuit’s most popular product is QuickBooks that helped to fulfill the requirements of small businesses. This product became a grand success. These days, Intuit has started making their mark in the app world. They have started developing apps for small businesses on

IBM on the other hand, has started making giant steps into the open platform world. An exhilarating innovation in the world like technology has taken place with the launch of IBM’s Watson system. This is a combination of affected intelligence blended with data for the purpose of the creation of cognitive computing. In short, it makes machines think similar to that of human beings. It is expected that the annual 2014 is yet to detect more innovative changes that can help mankind a lot.