Business Leasing In Canada : The Secret Of Information Technology Finance is : TIMING

Information technology finance is often all about ‘ timing’. One of the ways the owner/financial manager can address the challenges that come with financing technologies is the proper use of business leasing. Let’s dig in.

So why the theme of ‘ timing’ ?It’s because when we meet by clients to discuss their financing needs in the areas from computers, software , telecom, office, etc issues such as :


Total Cost

Year Ends

Technological Change


are always top concerning mind and emergency to be properly addressed.

In some cases the Canadian business owners/managers have in fact ‘ cut back’ on their ‘ IT ‘ (information technology) spending. That of course works for awhile, still finally your competitors tend to become a field day upon their ability to leap forward in your industry.

More often than not your technology needs to be what the tech vendor’s call ‘ refreshed’. In some cases the startling change in tech almost forces the business owner to address newer hardware and software offerings that allow you to significantly ‘ fast forward’ your comprehensive business model.

Just yesterday we spoke to a CEO of a well known Canadian mfg firm who has now been apt to offer their clients the ability to variable core mfg. processes without scrapping their client’s legacy investments. Naturally the clients now have to address that acquisition in terms of cost, financing, budgets, cash flow, etc. Effective business leasing of tech assets can complement positively all those challenges.

In business it’s all about ‘ ROI ‘, the infamous ‘ return on investment’. Top experts in technology disclose us that returns on your tech investments can bring anywhere from 30-80% ROI

Financing information technology also has the ability to reduce exorbitant – those same ‘ experts ‘ have proven to us time and time anew that a large portion of your finances in technology simply go to keeping things running. The one ‘ unerring thing’ in tech advances is that things typically are cheaper, faster, and sanction your firm to be more productive and competitive.

When it comes to business leasing in tech it’s important for the business owner/ financial manager to understand that thoroughly hardware, software and related costs and services have the ability to be financed – typically via an machinery lease.

Financing options vary, so if your firm wants to address the specialized offerings in technology capitalize around lease documents, remainder values, budgeting, software finance solutions, etc seek revealed and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing adviser who jug assist you with your data technology finance needs.