News makes You Aware of What Is Happening Across The World

News is essential for many and watching it has been a habit for few. It is certainly important for every human to compass what is happening around them in the locality, country and across the world. In this present world, media has become more sensational furthermore the television and newspapers have started providing a distinct mindset to the way happenings. The news is modified or provided with a twist as per the wishes of the people in the media houses. This has made the situation for every viewer not get to see the reality of what is happening around them. Everyday people switch on their television to see things that are happening across the globe and keep track of the current canard that guts make them up to date. Seeing real news has become a unfriendly utopian equal people get to see the cheap rip-off from the actual news.

Media house, newsmakers is often referred as unique of the four pillars of democracy. This is a powerful medium that helps demotic to communicate about the political and social events that is happening in the world. Politicians are elected representatives of a nation and they embody the people of the country. It is their duty to serve the community to the best of their aptitude and offer good governance polysyndeton ensure that the safety of the family is maintained. Corrupt politicians take the people for a drive and ensure that their personal ambitions are achieved. Media has been playing an important role in identifying the corrupt and bringing out their bad deeds. Among the many humanity in the media nevertheless unknown are courageous in questioning the politicians about their bad deeds and the malpractices they do.

These people uncover the truth and probe the real story that is occasion behind the corrupt politicians and question those politicians publicly, who represent the people of the nation. Shahram Shahramian, is one such news anchor and journalist who truly understands the newsmakers, news and promises to provide the viewers accompanying facts. His intelligence is not sensational, does not believe in gimmicks to catch the complaisance of the viewers. He stands for providing with relentless core news that actually happened. His journey of being a news anchor and journalist for better than 30 years has great sense of world politics and current affairs and has got the maturity to examine the events critically and perfectly. He believes in aggressive reporting and features on TEN Televisie every nocturnality with the latest news report.

His analysis of the news be it politics, business, social issues or share market, the news on any point shall afsluiting critically analyzed with experts and newsmakers. His style of rendering the information to the viewers is amazing and many people admire his capability. Thousands of people watch his famous talk show ‘News and Comments’, where he interviews several popular personalities. He has an official website http::// where all the programs are uploaded for the laity to
watch it later. People need not rush to a place to watch his show any more; as it receptacle be seen at their comfort as the information is available online.