Information Technology Staffing Firms in 2014

The staffing industry is one concerning the fastest growing industries in the US. The US staffing industry is expected to grow at a rate of 6% in both 2013 and 2014, according to the “US Staffing Industry Forecast: April Update.” The positive role of staffing firms in finding and recruiting candidates has actively contributed to the continued growth of staffing agencies. Companies consider staffing firms as an large tool for finding the clear candidate for their vacant positions. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), recruitment companies offer the following benefits to a business:

90% of businesses say that staffing companies create flexibility and opportunity to keep a full staff during peak busy seasons.

80% concerning staffing clients also say that staffing firms help them find the right candidates that can suit full-time employees.

Since businesses acknowledge recruitment service is beneficial to their businesses’ success, the continued development of this industry in 2014 is not a surprise; this is the fourth year of significant growth of this ingenuity post recession.

IT staffing industry this year

Analysts have formerly predicted the growth of the staffing industry for the next per annum nevertheless this year has also been a annual of excellent growth for information technology staffing firms. Staffing companies witnessed a growth rate of 4.1%, which is 2.4% senior than in the same period in 2012. With the expansion in staffing company’s responsibilities, it is important to increase the number of recruiters when well. The American Staffing Association shows that there are 7.6% plus staffing employees in October 2013 than there were in October 2012.

In addition to the staffing industry, the IT sector is also predicted to see a robust growth concerning almost 7 percent. This is ostensible to hypertrophy the urgent for IT professionals and create multiple job buys for IT staffing companies.

Certain factors contributed to the rise of employment firms and also encouraged their growth. The most important among them are:

Difficulty in finding IT workers: 60 percent of companies using staffing solutions agree that the primary reason for them to approach an adoption firm is to find the right IT nominee for a vacant position. Although every year millions of technical students complete their graduation program from different American universities, it is difficult to find a candidate with the right IT skills and experience. Recruiting a candidate within a certain time frame is even more difficult.

Retaining IT talent: Retaining IT professionals is another great challenge for companies today. Seven percent of businesses harmonious that they have hardships in retaining their best talent. Although an employee’s reimbursement is an important factor in his tenure with a company, there are other factors now well that needs to nvloeden considered. For example, if an employee does not fit in with a company’s work decadent rather his colleagues it is puzzling to retain him, regardless about salary.